Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. <3

I'm Aarion, I'm one of many teenage bloggers. How old am I, you ask? I'm 18 years young, born August 20th, 1995. I am taken by the most amazing man ever <3. I don't claim ownership over some of the images posted on this blog. If you want me to remove your picture please contact me via ask me. Don't be afriad to ask me anything. I'm a very out going, I guess you can say, fun person. <3
I have been heart broken more than once in my lifetime, so I'm not exactly what you'd say "strong" or "independent" because in my eyes it's the complete opposite... I can't trust, certainly hard to fall for, and hard to get in some cases.

I know that I am dead Yet it seems that I still have some tears to shed

May the Fourth Be With You! †

glamourandgrenades gets the best presents ever.

Sebastian Zmijewski
What the fuck!?!?


So I’m on the bus and there is a group of older women. I am wearing black shorts and a white collar button up. It’s buttoned all the way up to the top button the shorts are a decent length. Anyways I can feel them burning holes into my legs. Just staring at my tattoo and bare skin. I’m just…


Finally bit the bullet didn’t I! By the lovely Jody Dawber @ real art tattoo syston x



Disney princess